How to locate a doctor in the HCC network for short-term health insurance

Staying in the network on any health insurance policy will save you money.
The point of these networks is that the providers and the insurance company have agreed to a discounted fee structure for services. Your benefits simply go further because of the pre-arranged cost.
If you are considering a short-term health insurance plan with HCC (and we think you should), you’ll want to search their provider network to see if your doctors are included, and to find participating doctors and hospitals nationwide.
You can search the provider network here
Don’t be confused! The link takes you to a Coventry provider directory. While some insurance companies build their own network of providers, it is common for others to utilize the same directory (so, in this case, HCC and Coventry work out some kind of arrangement behind the scenes).
Now that you’ve checked the network, take 2 minutes to find out what coverage would cost. If you like what you see, you can take another 5 minutes or so to enroll. Your coverage can be effective as soon as tomorrow.

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