Sports injuries, broken arms, and accident insurance

Have you ever wondered if a goalkeeper ever crashes into a goalpost when diving to block a shot?
Sure. I saw it happen on an under-8 soccer team I was coaching. One of the kids was trying to block a shot on goal, dove to his left, and wound up hitting his head on the post.
Ouch. There were tears from the kid, and momentary panic on the part of the adult onlookers, but he was OK. Fortunately, he was not really injured. But it was a scary moment because he could have been.
The same player’s dad was not so lucky in our end-of-season parents vs. kids game at the end of the season. He dove for a ball in the goal and wound up breaking his arm.
If you don’t have health insurance, or if you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, an accident like that on the field can be pretty expensive. Talk about adding insult to injury!
By the time you see a doctor (either at the office or at an urgent care center), get an X-ray or an MRI, and then get treatment, you could be a couple thousand dollars into your high deductible. And you’d be paying most of that.
That’s why we suggest parents of active kids (or really anyone who is an active adult!) consider buying an accident insurance plan. For $45/month you’d have the assurance that you’d get up to $5,000 towards treating these or any other kinds of accidents. To be clear, that $45 would cover your entire family.

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I personally bought accident insurance for my own family. With three active kids in various sports, I’m quite certain we will use it at some point. And, honestly, there’s a very good chance that using it once will save you more money than you’ll pay in premiums.
I don’t know if the dad who broke his arm had an accident policy, but seeing him with a sling on his arm at the team’s final game of the season was a reminder of their value.
As always, if you have specific questions you’re welcome to contact us.