Supplemental Insurance

Fill in the gaps of your coverage with affordable supplemental policies. Get help meeting a high health insurance deductible and/or the money you need for other expenses when you have to miss work.

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Accident Insurance

Get help with meeting your deductible and paying for other expenses like missed work. If you have active kids, you really need to check this out.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Get a lump sum payment if you have a heart attack, stroke, or are diagnosed with cancer. Would you rather us send you a get-well card or a check for $10,000?

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Plan Enhancer Bundle

Purchase one affordable plan that bundles together accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and an optional hospitalization benefit.

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Sometimes health insurance just isn’t enough. That deductible on your health insurance plan is probably higher than you’d like it to be. While it’s nice to have help with major medical expenses, sometimes you need help with that deductible. And sometimes you need help with the non-medical expenses related to serious or extended illness or injury – like the income you’ll be missing if you can’t work.

You probably don’t need every supplemental benefit option, but we think you ought to at least consider a few options.

Supplemental Insurance for Individuals and Families

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make your family’s insurance protection feel a lot more comfortable.

Accident Insurance

An accident insurance plan is a really inexpensive add-on that can make a difference if you fall off a ladder or if your child messes up a knee playing soccer. These plans are especially helpful for families with kids and for young people. The good news is you can get accident insurance for your family for as little as $30/month.

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Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness policy could provide you the money you need when a serious medical event interrupts your life and demands your full attention.

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Supplemental Insurance Bundle

You can get both accident insurance and critical illness insurance (and an optional benefit for hospitalization) in one surprisingly affordable bundle: the Plan Enhancer.

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Group Supplemental Insurance for Small Employers

AC Forrest has helped small employers with employee benefits for over 30 years. Supplemental benefits are popular with employees and are a practical way for you to take care of them, especially if you choose to no longer offer a group health insurance plan. You can offer supplemental benefits on a voluntary basis (employees pay via payroll deduction) or you can pay for them as a business.

Group Disability Insurance

One supplemental benefit you should also consider is disability insurance.

You will find that a group disability plan provides much better value (assuming you’re not manufacturing fireworks) for an important need that most people overlook. And it might help you avoid a really awkward and difficult conversation with an employee who becomes disabled.

Also note this: Short-term disability insurance is a great way to take care of maternity leave.

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The Supplemental Insurance Carriers

We work with several different insurance companies that provide supplemental benefits so we can help you find the plans and prices that work best for you. With each of the policies above, we have hand-picked carriers that we think offer good value and stability to our clients, but we can always compare other options if you’d like.

Where we Work

Our offices are in Georgia and South Carolina, but our reach extends much farther. One of the benefits of the way we work (web-based processes, virtual meetings, etc.) is that we’re able to help clients in many other states. We currently are also licensed to help clients in Alabama, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee. If you don’t see your state listed — ask us anyway. We may be able to help you too.